Our technology and incentives create gamification, competitiveness, motivation and inspiration for teams; that ultimately make them happier, perform better, stay longer and generate more revenue.

Over 1,000+ People Use Carrot's

Daily To Compete And Win

Why We Exist

It is now more difficult than ever for employers to motivate, maximize and retain top talent.


of employees do not plan on staying 3 years


of employees are not engaged


hours a week are being unproductive


on average to
replace a sales rep

recruiting fees, on-boarding costs, and potential lost revenue from missed deals

of employees express that recognition is the number one most important component to motivation

of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated

1 in 3 employees who resigned last year cite boredom as a major factor in resigning

Most Organizations
Have Attempted Internal
Incentive Based Programs

But 9/10 Fail

For the Following Reasons...

  • No True Ownership
  • Stale and Lackluster Rewards
  • Programs Not Sustainable
  • Poor Tracking
  • Lack of Resources
  • No easy to use and gamified technology

What We Do

We have created a very specific program built to engage, motivate and energize the people who drive your business growth and combined it with the perfectly engineered platform to gamify and sustain the key metrics important to your organization.

Custom Programs

Gamified Technology

Business Performance


With Gen Z starting to populate the workforce, the proliferation of gamification and the work from home movement being the new reality; now more than ever do companies need to figure out a way engage, inspire and retain employees. We built Carrot’s to solve the problem and are committed to the employees who need and deserve more from their companies.

Carrot’s is unique in the fact that every client gets custom-built incentive programs + gamified software that creates competitiveness, motivation and inspiration for teams that ultimately get them to perform better and generate more revenue.

We understand the importance of culture, simplicity, easy of use, daily engagement, creating urgency, speed and that results are the only thing that matters; it’s what makes us different.

Judge Graham & Nick Sunderman

“There has never been a stronger need for sales employees engagement and recognition.” – Judge & Nick

How It Works

We Create Your Ideal Incentive Program
We Activate Your Technology
Your Team Interacts with Carrot's Daily
You Get Full Visibility and Insights
You Get Happier People and More Revenue

Gamified Technology

Our software is simple to use and adapts to your organization vs. you trying to adapt to our software.

We have created gamified dashboards to ensure adoption and better tracking.

Our platform fosters competitiveness, motivation and inspiration through digital contests that have meaningful rewards and experiences tied to sales results.

Employee View

Daily Notifications & Achievement Badges

We seamlessly keep your team motivated and engaged daily. Carrot’s is like having a personal trainer reminding you of your best month, progress, where you should be to win and where your peers are.

We have also created user achievement badges that can be won for a various number of milestones completed and/or Programs won. The badges are proudly displayed on the user's profile.

Our platform allows you as the manager or business owner to easily see real-time data on sales metrics that matter, such as top performers, prizes that generate the most revenue, best performing months, contests and much more all with a couple clicks.

Manager View

Seamless Integrations with Your Favorite Software

Carrot’s more than likely already integrates with where your employees are already working. Carrot’s can easily integrate with any software that has an API.

Now for the Magic

Our curated monthly incentive packages will ensure your team is inspired and focused. We survey and calibrate all of our clients constantly to make sure our Carrot’s boxes exceed expectations every month.

Incentive Packages

Each time a person wins, they will receive a Carrot’s box with their bounty!

And Much More!




What makes us different is that we have not only built the #1 business gamification and performance platform, but we have coupled it with senior tried and true business operators and data analyst that dive in to understand your business and then build models and programs that will drive revenue incrementality; while retaining, motivating and keeping your current team happy and engaged.

Your rewards and experiences will be curated to match the DNA of your organization on what will inspire them. Whether it's swimming with sharks, a pile of cash, unique shoes, custom merchandise or a watch, we promise they will not be disappointed.

We are not just a typical software company, we are a true partner that works daily with you to deliver revenue, retain team members and build culture through incentives, motivation and visibility.

Why Work With Us?


on average increase in sales revenue

Plus better retention, higher engagement, deeper insights, and happier salespeople.

“Carrot’s is instrumental in our overall retention and revenue. The way they have gamified sales is amazing. My sales team is focused daily on competing and winning.”

Brad Bus

“The Carrot’s team blew away our expectations.  Their process of understanding what would motivate my sales force was spot on.  My team uses Carrot’s daily and I have seen a change in competitiveness.  Our sales went up the first month and continue to increase.”

Laura Prigmore
Head of HR

“The setup was easy and fast. My team gets so excited when they receive their Carrot’s box and can’t wait to see what the next box will have. The thing I get excited about is the overall effort increase in my team and increase in overall performance.”

John O’Donnell


“Digital transformation is forcing companies to reinvent how they perform their accounting, marketing, operations, project management, communications, customer service and most importantly sales. Carrot's is a prime example of a technology company that is shaping the future of sales performance.”

By Partnering with

You Will See the Following...

  • Increased Output
  • Reduced Turnover
  • Stronger Sense of Purpose
  • Increased Competitiveness
  • More Consistent Effort
  • More Revenue